PAPAGO! M9 For Android


PAPAGO! M9 For Android

New Interface Design

Turn By Turn Navigation

A New PAPAGO! M9 Navigation Software is now released for Android Mobile. The superior navigation software has a new interface, full control & Voice Navigation on your Mobile. it's easier & user friendly than ever before.

It's simple and easy to use PAPAGO! M9, The powerful software is comes with half a Million POI (Point of Interest) & covering 500,000km of roads. Not only that, check out our feature page for more info.

Compatible Mobile:

Samsung Mobile & Tablets, HTC Flyer, HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson, Motorola Atrix, ASUS Transformer, Acer Iconia, Huawei & Other Android OS 1.5 above supported.

Upgrade for Existing User

Free Upgrade for Original & existing X5 licensed user, please send your information to
What's are the information you are required to send to us:

Email Subject: Android M9 Upgrade.

  1. Name
  2. Email used to register the Android X5 previously
  3. Authorization Code of the Android X5
  4. Contact Number
  5. Device Model: ( with OS version )
  6. Device Resolution
*Attached any proof of purchase should be fine also.


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PAPAGO! M9 Navigation Software for Android is come with all these features:
Any queries, Please call our Toll Free: 1800 88 3303


5 South East Asia Country Maps
All the PAPAGO! Personal Navigator Devices are pre-loaded with 5 South East Asia Country Maps.
Maps provided by Malfree Map &



Attractive 3D Buildings & Landmark
3D Buildings & Landmark display let you easier to identify the location.



3D Junction View
PAPAGO! Realistic Junction View indicates a clear view, so you won’t miss the important exits.


Half a Millions Point of Interest ( POI )
No matter where are you, you will always find a POI nearby your area, eg. Petrol Station, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Restaurant and etc.


Covering over 500,000km of Roads
Don’t worries you will not get lost as PAPAGO! covers most of the roads extensively making it hassle free, and easy to find and user friendly.


File Arrangement
You may arrange your file in your android device.


Road Elevation Display
Road Elevation Display to show you actual Position

Inbox Items


  • Android Mobile CD x 1 pc
  • Product Registration Card x 1 set




System Requirement

Supported O/S up to : Android 4.0

Handset Requirement: CPU 500Mhzor above

Flash 5MB above

Compatible Mobile Model:


Htc Sensation ( O.S 4.0.3 ) - can run from external
Motorola Atrix ( O.S 2.3.6 ) - only run from internal
Motorola Razr ( O.S 2.3.6 ) - only run from internal
Samsung Note
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S2
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire S
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10


Screen Resolution:


240 x 320
240 x 400
320 x 240
320 x 480
400 x 240
480 x 320
480 x 800
480 x 854
540 x 960
600 x 1024
800 x 480
800 x 1232
800 x 1280
854 x 480
960 x 540
1024 x 600
1280 x 752
1280 x 800 
Free Memory Space:- 4GB & Above