PAPAGO! R6300T GPS Navigator


Avoid The Traffic Jams With Traffic Message Channel Ready

PAPAGO! R6300T Personal Navigation Device comes with 5" sensitive touch screen & Traffic Message Channel Ready, this is a powerful & stylist personal device that you can't leave home without it.

Don't worries you can't find the places anymore, because PAPAGO! has Half a Million POI ( Point of Interest ) & covering 500,000km of roads. Check out our feature page for more info.

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All the PAPAGO! Personal Navigation Devices are come with all these features:
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5 South East Asia Country Maps
All the PAPAGO! Personal Navigator Devices are pre-loaded with 5 South East Asia Country Maps.
Maps provided by Singapore Land Authority, Malfree Map &
Screen Shot




Half a Millions Point of Interest ( POI )
No matter where you are, you will always find a POI nearby your area, eg. Petrol Station, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Restaurant etc.



Covering over 500,000km of Roads
Don’t worry you will not get lost as PAPAGO! covers most of the roads extensively making it hassle free, easy to find and user friendly.


Voice Command
Just speak to your PAPAGO! Device
(This function is only applicable to the places you had saved in your "Favourite" folder), and navigate to the destination.


Comprehensive Travel Guide
Plan your holiday trip with PAPAGO! which provides comprehensive Tourist spots featuring photos & a brief of the location.


PAPAGO! comes with a Photo Viewer, Video & Music Player.


3D Landmark & Building
Visualized landmarks & building enable you to identify the location easily.


Lane Assist
PAPAGO! provide a clear direction with arrows showing the appropriate lanes.


Junction View
PAPAGO! Realistic Junction View indicates a clear view, so you won’t miss the important exits anymore.


Route Management
Route Management allow you to save at least 2 different destinations in your device at once. Eg. You plan to go to the bank (Route 1), then to the store (Route 2) and after that to your workplace (Route 3).


Screen Capture
While driving, you may touch the camera icon to capture the screenshot, and upload it to share the location with your friends or for your own reference.



Multi Voice Type
You may choose from a range of 13 voices & 7 languages to guide you through the way.



Save to Favorites
It’s easy to save your new found spots, POI places or a friend's house, all in just one click.




Route Alternative
This function in your PAPAGO! offers alternative routes to your destination in the event of road diversions or traffic jams.



Road Avoidance
You may choose to avoid Tolls or U Turns, PAPAGO! will automatically re-calculate an alternative route.



Track Log
The User can record the route during the trip using the video function and then play back later to recall the route to the destination.



Multi Language Support Interface
PAPAGO come with multi-languages for different needs.

4 Type of Navigation Mode

  • 3D Mode with 3D Buildings & Landmark display
  • 2D Mode with simple road names & direction display
  • Travel Computer Mode with compass and coordinates display
  • Text Mode with simple text to guide you to the destination


Traffic Message Channel (TMC)


Avoid Traffic Jams. Ready with TMC.

What is TMC ?

The TMC stands for Traffic Message Channel, and is a great way to get Traffic Message sent to your GPS Navigation via FM signal that can't be picked up by a normal FM car stereo. TMC is a specific application of the RDS or Radio Data System for silently transmitting information like traffic and weather over FM signals.

Advantages of TMC:

  • Able to plan your journey to save time and money.
  • Allow you to re route or detour when an unexpected event incidents during your journey.





M3GPS POI Manager

Provides you with useful, free, programs to enhance the capability of GPS based navigation systems. The App can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Andriod Market.

Direct Install

Scan to download this app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.
  • Save Current location as POI and it is saved to the central database.
  • View private and public POIs from central database using Google maps.
  • View and add comments for every POI.
  • Add public POI from others to My POI for easy access.
  • Share POI via Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.
  • Able to synchronizes your favourites POIs from the smart phone to your GPS Device. (Coming Soon)


Inbox Items


  • 1 x Unit of PAPAGO! R6300T
  • 1 x Vehicle Suction Mount
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Preloaded with 5 country maps including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore.



  • SiRF Atlas V, 500MHz ARM 11
  • Display : 5” TFT LCD
  • Aspect Ratio : 400:1
  • Resolution : 800x480 pixels
  • Touch Panel : Resistive type touch panel
  • Speaker : Built–in loud speaker
  • Headphone : 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • SD/MMC : T-Flash card slot
  • USB : USB2.0, high speed, support ActiveSync and Mass storage
  • Flash : Built-in 4GB Flash
  • RAM : 128MB DDR2
GPS Receiver
  • SiGe SE4150
  • Build-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Dimension & Weight
  • 130mm (L )x 85mm (W)x 15mm (H)
  • 190g
Buttons / Switches
  • Power On/Off, Reset
  • LED Indicator
  • Yes


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