• A1 Alarm Starter Kit

A1 Alarm Starter Kit

This alarm starter kit is perfect to start building your EZVIZ empire! The kit consists of a (PIR) movement detector, an alarm hub, a remote and a door sensor. Each component can be purchased separately so you can customize your alarm set according to your needs! All you need to get started is a power source, a Wi-Fi connection and the EZVIZ app. No drilling, wiring work and installation fees!


A1 Internet Alarm Hub

  • Up to 32 wireless device
  • Connects with EZVIZ
  • Requires a separate power supply (adapter include)

T1 Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detector

  • Secures 12m x 12m area (100°)
  • Do Not react to domestic animals less than 25kg
  • Indoors
  • Battery up to 2a (CR123A)

T6 Wireless Open-Close Detector

  • Reacts to movement in three directions
  • Built-in battery

CS-K2-A Remote Control

  • Emergency  call button
  • 1 year battery life


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A1 Alarm Starter Kit